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These Powerful Kitchen Cutting Tools Makes Tedious Cutting & Chopping Tasks Quicker and More Fun, Time Saving with Zero Risk of Injury. A Must Have For Every Kitchen!!!

Transform portions of food such as (meat,onion, tomatoes, Okro, Ginger, Vegetables, etc) into perfectly chopped pieces in just seconds. Say goodbye on kitchen prep time and focus on what truly matters.

See How it Works

You Don't Have to Sleep in the Kitchen Anymore!!! Easily chop foods, fruits, and vegies etc. 

Here is the Hand-Press Kitchen Food Chopper (very strong and powerful blades)

No one enjoys wasting time in the kitchen, no matter how much you love cooking, these hand-press cutter is wonderful and amazing for the kitchen to make your life easier and cooking fun.

 With just a few pushes of the pump handle, your foods are beautifully chopped and ready to go! and your hands are far removed from any danger or potential injuries.  

The mechanism operates with a simple hand push, so there is nothing to fear about electrical fault or spoilage, making it very durable, reliable and long-lasting.

Here is the Hand-pull Speedy Chopper (fast and effective cutting of fruits, onion, garlic and more)

Don't hurt your hands struggling to cut small food particles like nuts, garlic, ginger, onion, and fruits etc. Use this speedy chopper to improve your kitchen experience and have fun while doing so. It is strong and durable (doesn't spoil) and requires minimal effort to easily cut and spice foodstuffs eith its sharp blades.

Save over 1-hour on cutting and chopping!!!
With these kitchen accessories, you can easily round up anything you want to cut or blend in 1 minute.

With Sharp Blades that is Equal to the task to crush and blend food particles.

  • Versatile use for various cutting and chopping in the kitchen
  • Multi-tasking is now possible,, pay attention to what matters .
  • Durable and strong, long lasting and easy to maintain
  • No event of electric fault or spoilage
  • Upgrade your kitchen experience, make your life easier

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The Foldable Multi-purpose Chopping Board

  • 2 in 1 function; Serves as a cutting board and drain basket
  • Can be used as clean basket
  • Can be used as chopping or cutting board
  • Ideal for slicing and chopping vegetable, fruit, meat, poultry, fish.
  • The cutting board is gentle on knifes and does not dull blades.

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Normal Price for Foldable Board = 6,000 (free gift)

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