The award-winning pregnancy sleep aid that doesn't take up the whole bed.... Safe 'side-sleeping' resting position for unborn baby ...
(Moulds and adapts to your body throughout pregnancy)

  • Pregnancy comes with a lot of problems such as anxiety, back pain,  discomfort during sleep. This  was the main concern shared by mums and mums-to-be. Taking all priorities and requirements into account, This Maternity Dream Belt was created to uniquely make your pregnancy a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

This ergonomic belt has been designed to adapt to every stage of your pregnancy while following your movements as you sleep. It comprises a  CENTRAL part made of SOFT,STRETCY FABRIC, which supports your belly, and two MEMORY FOAM SIDE POUCHES to conform to your body type

Moulds and adapts to your body through pregnancy: Belt is perfectly elastic.

Easy wearing: Velcro fastening around the back with Adjustable belt to fit all body shapes

You don't have to choose between cuddling with your partner or with your huge maternity pillow

  • The foam is very soft and absorbable, the side foams makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while lying by the side and keeps your belly, back  and waists in form. 

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  ULTIMATE COMFORT: it does actually shape to your body contour as you lie on it so you don't feel as though you are laying on anything while still looking sexy .

  The Award Wining Solution to all Pregnancy Problems... 

  • Because the cover is washable you can wear it above or under clothes, whichever you feel most comfortable. As well as wearing it in bed ,  just laying on your sides on the sofa when watching tv.
  • It fills the gap between the hips and the mattress while sleeping on the side position to give mom-to-be a peaceful and restful night's sleep and of course puts smile on your face.

  Your Best Friend All Day... 

  • You can wear it under clothes and go to work : This gives you a perfectly safe feeling that your baby is protected against any accident hit of any kind.

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Made For Mums Award Wining Belt 

This product has proven so useful that it won the Made for Mums Award in 2018. 

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